Getting it into Perspective…from mine to His!

rosesWhat is a “choleric” personality?  The Choleric personality is POWERFUL.  You know this person…definitely “in charge” and “in control!” They are a natural leader; make quick decisions, and are organized so that they produce results. They produce, whether it be a great business plan, a shopping “hunt” (they hunt they don’t shop! They know what they want, seek it out, buy it!) They have a plan for everyone and they work it, even if it kills them and you! Choleric personalities are impatient and have difficulty apologizing—their apologies are more “sorry if you were so immature to take offensive at what I said” than a true ” I’m sorry.” Sit down and relax? Watch a movie? They will sit, provided while doing so, they can accomplish something—be it crosswords, knitting, making lists for tomorrow, etc. Cholerics can walk into a room, know what needs to be done, and promptly set to work! Committees? The choleric (from root word “cholera”) doesn’t want to waste time getting a consensus, and listening to every scenario—they innately know what to do!

If you have a choleric in your life: Recognize they are born leaders, usually have THE logical, correct answer (though that fact irritates the other personalities). Their judgments are very acute and they always share them, sometimes hurting those they unload on. They believe everyone truly wants to know how to be “better” and cannot understand when they seem reluctant to listen. Realize if it’s compassion you need, the choleric personality will really have to work at it, and not too successfully. If you are looking for someone to take charge, get things in shape, and produce great results, the choleric is the right choice. Realize they like one way conversations: they talk, we listen –you will need to add to the conversation quickly to get your point across. Do not add colorful stories. Appeal to their logic, with short, concise answers.

Strengths carried to extremes become weaknesses. Their gift for quick, decisive leadership is desperately needed, but can become bossy, controlling and manipulative!  (For more on personalities: Personality Plus at Work, by Florence Littauer and Rose Sweet)

Perhaps the Powerful Choleric has memorized this verse, “Quick Lord, answer me–for I have prayed!”  Psalm 141:3


Plant: in the center of the garden so she can

direct others and call the shots!

Care: will demand production, loyalty; give them

their way now!

Feeding: fertilize with appropriate credit for jobs

well done and dedication to production.

Watch Out for: abundant thorns can be lethal for

– those close by; can crowd others out of the garden

prune very carefully!

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  1. well,yes Iam Choleric……………….

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